Some musicians get to meet their idols and even share a bill with them—if they’re really lucky. However, singer and guitarist Gary Noon actually recorded a catalog of music alongside members of his two favorite bands.

Walking With Giants is intrinsically and irrefutably the musical identity of Noon, but his song ideas, vision, and guitar prowess attracted studio collaborators including Sevendust’s Clint Lowery on guitar and Morgan Rose on drums and Brian Marshall of Alter Bridge and Creed on bass for 2016’s full-length debut, Worlds Unknown. A new voice for hard rock emerges as a result.

“A passion for Sevendust and Alter Bridge brought me to Walking With Giants,” exclaims Noon. “I wanted to initially do a cover band, but I couldn’t find musicians who could consistently commit. So, I decided to write my own music, and I showed it to Clint.”

Now, Noon had already established a friendship with Lowery through a mutual friend and even casually proposed the idea of collaborating someday. When he made the official call in December 2012, the Sevendust guitarist jumped at the opportunity. With Scott “Flip” Phillips [Alter Bridge, Creed] behind the kit, they cut the self-titled EP in 2013, starting to generate a buzz around Walking With Giants and garnering press. They followed it up with the EP One By One, adding Marshall to the lineup.

Invigorated and inspired, Noon had opened up a proverbial Pandora’s Box and continued writing. He and Lowery linked back up in the summer of 2015 this time with Rose and Marshall in tow and recorded Worlds Unknown, as Walking With Giants’ official full-length debut. The title would appropriately hint at the musical direction.

“It’s about thinking in ways you haven’t thought prior,” he remarks. “Instead of succumbing to the constant influence of negativity, you look inside yourself, find a solution you’ve never tried before, and end up in a new place you’ve never been. It’s about finding a different perspective.”

“Different Voice” represents that perspective. Kicking off with a hypnotic guitar harmony and booming drum beat, the track explodes into an undeniable and unforgettable chant on the chorus.

“All we hear on social media and on television is horrible things going on in the world,” he sighs. “If you listen to this stuff, you’ll believe the world could end at any second. It’s all negative doom and gloom. I’m not that kind of guy. I’m a positive person. Out of this negative shit, we need to turn tail and embrace a different voice, encouraging each other instead.”

Originally penned by Lowery, the robust “Heavy Hand” swings with another striking refrain. Noon continues, “Clint brought to the table, and I was so honored. Lyrically, it’s a guy who’s having an argument with himself like, ‘What the hell kind of a person am I? One day, I feel strong. The next day, I feel totally inadequate.’ It’s the struggle of figuring out who you are.”

The journey for Walking With Giants begins with Worlds Unknown. Noon will bring it to life on the road with a myriad of players as the studio team will continue to feature the same players. However, the same message sits at its core.

“I want people to walk away from the record feeling something different,” he leaves off. “Maybe they can relate and want to apply it to their lives and situations and find some inspiration.”