Album Preview


Produced by Clint Lowery
Mixed by Mike Ferretti
Engineered by Mike Ferretti
Assisted by William Schneider and Johnny Fantozzi
Recorded and Mixed at Architekt Studios in Butler, New Jersey
Mastered by Andy Van Dette at Engine Room Audio, New York
Keyboards and Sound Design by Kurt Wubbenhorst at Architekt

Gary Noon: Vocals, Guitars
Clint Lowery: Additional Guitars and Backing Vocals
Morgan Rose : Drums
Brian Marshall: Bass

All songs written by Gary Noon and Clint Lowery
(The Six Words (ASCAP)), (CTH Lowery Publishing (ASCAP))

Worlds Unknown - Part 1

I’ve always been fascinated with the human mind and its capacity to think, to feel – to be your greatest ally, and your most bitter enemy. I tend to wallow in those thought patterns, ideas and beliefs that are most comfortable to me, and thereby create a prison of thought that’s difficult to escape from. It becomes a downward cycle lasting months, sometimes years. All the while, I have one thought going through my mind – ‘I want to find a way out.’

At some point I’ll stumble across an idea that captures my interest, leads me towards books and related ideas, and slowly, I’ll begin to claw my way up towards the light.

Worlds Unknown represents my desire to dig for those ideas and hidden areas of thought: Before the downward cycle ever gets near me. Maybe they can help me relax and enjoy life as it is. Now instead of wasting so much time worrying about the future, and regretting my past.

Broken Truth
LyricsSong Concept
Afraid to see the open doors
The brightest lights can blind us all
The differences and broken truth
This side of me belongs to you

Wontcha come out and fight it
Wontcha come out and play
the game this time
We know who you are

I promise to keep goin
The challenge still remains
The depths of our existence
Will save us all again

So come on through this open door
The light in your eyes wont hurt at all
The differences and broken truth
It lives in me and lives in you

Wontcha come on and light it
Wontcha come on and fan
The flames this time
and show who you are

Relationships. We’re not all the same, but we continually expect our friends, family, and lovers to be exactly like us. We think our way is the only one, and can’t understand why anyone would think differently. Then, we get offended when someone doesn’t ‘get’ us. But, maybe the differences, the truths each of us believe are what makes life worth it. What if that’s true? What if we look those differences in the eye…
Back To Life
LyricsSong Concept
You spend a lifetime on your own
It’s bottled up inside
The fear just takes ahold

And now with open eyes
I see the wonders find their place

Beneath the darkest skies-
I finally let go of the pain
So I come to life

Don’t we need the light on?
Don’t we fall away?
Don’t you feel life slipping-
Hold tomorrow

I’m chasing shadows down the road
Yeah you showed up right on time
To save me from the fall

Between the fire and ice
I see today
And we begin
To come back to life


Have you ever felt like everything or everyone was against you? 
How about both?
At the same time?
 It feels like there’s nothing you can do to make things any better.
 Then you go to sleep and
wake up to a new day.
LyricsSong Concept
Searching for so long
Those years have long gone
What I think that I know
Has turned out so wrong

Gotta find that truth some way

I’m running out of tomorrows
Can’t wait till tomorrow

So now I’m standing in the ruins
Of the fortress I’ve lived in so long
Though the walls are broken down
I can’t escape the path I’ve found
So I’m bound

The voices speak on all sides
But my conscience will be my guide
I’ll keep searching
Where the truth hides
The solution’s on the inside

Gotta find that truth some way

I’m running out of tomorrows
Can’t wait till tomorrow

So now I’m standing in the ruins
Of the fortress I’ve lived in so long
Though the walls are broken down
I can’t escape the path I’ve found
So I’m bound

Why do I keep on trying?
How much more time will I,
Seek until I find?
One more day

This track was written during the WWG1 sessions in 2013. 
Have you ever experienced a time in your life when the realization creeps up on you
 – usually at the worst time possible – 
the ‘truth’ you’ve convinced yourself of; 
the ‘truth’ you’ve been telling to everyone who’ll listen; 
is NOT the truth you’ve been living by? 

In fact, you’ve been doing just the opposite 
and feel like it’s impossible to change.
Heavy Hand
LyricsSong Concept
Another day here lost without a voice
Invisible expendable
We drop off one by one
What am I the useless?
Who are you to judge?
One day I’ll prove my worth

I try holding on to find a dream
The time has come for the world to see
The world to see
I gotta find that space so I can breathe
And trust it’s not the end of me
Your not the end of me

Chasing the praises that fill the void
Too logical and credible
You set out to destroy
What if this is useless?
And who am I at all?
I’m here for what it’s worth


Have you ever had arguments with yourself:
 One side believes you’re the best.
The other believes you’re the lowest of the low.

 Good friends and allies are a treasure for sure,
but the truth is: 
The worst enemy, 
The strongest ally you have, Is You
Endless Road
LyricsSong Concept
I’m taking each step after the past one
Hope my strength doesn’t fail me
I’m not the only one to take this path,
They’re all falling down all around me
This might be my last time headed this way
Have I learned from the past
You know it’s hard to say
You know it’s one lonely road

Through the darkness I can see
The only path that waits for me
To walk the endless road
It’s not impossible
It’s not impossible

So take the next step after the last one
See there’s no one behind you
You’ve got to know you need to take this path,
Just trust the voice that’s inside you

I hope it’s the last time you’re headed this way
Will you learn from the past
I know it’s hard to say
You know it’s one lonely road

Through the darkness I can see
The only path that waits for me
To walk the endless road
It’s not impossible
It’s not impossible

I know that voice that says to me
This is the way that i must go
To walk the endless road
It’s not impossible
It’s not impossible

In those dark times of your life
 – the past year has been one of my most challenging – 
what do you say to yourself to make it through? 

Never, never, Ever give up
The Now
LyricsSong Concept
No, I never ask for anything
You know it’s all your fault
I put up the walls

The sky it opens up to blue
I kinda find it odd
That I can’t seem to find
The light in you

When time flies I will follow
So nice of you to come around
Cause I’ve been wasting the moments
And nothing can slow me down
I’m only in the now

I feel all the magic reappear
You know its not so hard
When you know who you are

The signsthey show me what to do
I didn’t come this far
To throw away this life before its through

The more you know
The more that we hope for
It can change the world
Until you feel nothing

Have you ever spent time worrying about what’s going to happen? 
What about those moments – when seemingly at random – you remember
 some stupid thing you did in the past 
- or – 
some thing you wish you had done
 that word you wish you could take back?

 The truth is, you can do nothing about either except one thing:
 live in The Now.

 Focus on where you are and what you’re doing. 
Enjoy it, take a chance, be sad when it’s time to.

 Then those days that become your past and 
those that are destined to become your future 
will be in good hands.

 Because you chose to live in The Now.
Guilty One
LyricsSong Concept
The ice runs through my veins
The cold will separate us
The chaos you create takes over

But the more I see the less I’m giving up

I turn the page- I find my place
I am the guilty one
Too late to save a dying faith
So here I am again- the broken man- the guilty one

The choices that we make-
The consequences follow
The safety net you break helps no one

Growing up in a strongly religious family, 
instead of a message of love – which is supposed to be the idea – 
the message beaten into my brain was:

Plain and Simple. It’s never good enough – 
who you are
 what you do. 

At times, I’ve been able to rise above it and have a fantastic period of confidence, success, and prosperity
and then, there are those times when I drown in it.

 Guilt has only the power you give it.
Different Voice
LyricsSong Concept
Someone’s out to get you
It’s all you hear
It’s all they say

Trouble won’t forget you
So you face the world
in the same old way

Too proud to cry for help
You’d rather wear a mask that’s fake
But the fear you’ve kept locked up inside
Is more than you can take

So give the world a different voice
Hold a dream and carry on
The day is over; fear is gone
and look now where we are
Just hold on
We gotta hang on and pray
And fight for innocence again

It comes from deep within you
Watch what  you hear
and What you say

You’ll always find a way through
So surround yourself
with those who say

Be ready to ask for help
It’s your future that’s at stake
Kill the fear you’ve kept inside
There’s no problem we can’t take


The world is in trouble.
 There’s not enough $ to go around.
Someone has more than you and it’s not fair.
Racism is alive and won’t go away any time soon.
 Getting rich and having Sex is our only goal in life.
Someone else is to blame for your situation. 
There’s rich and there’s poor and the gap is increasing. 
It’s not safe out there. 

I could go on for hours.
 We hear it on the radio, 
see it on TV, 
read it on the web, 
are bombarded with it on Social Media,
 hear about it around the water cooler. 
Our minds are under siege. 

What voice are you listening to?
 Which voice are you using?
 Dare to be different.
 Turn off the news.
Block out the negative most of the time
. Be a voice of encouragement to others and to yourself.
 Be a Different Voice.
Solid Ground
LyricsSong Concept
Don’t you know
You’re about to step off
The edge of your life
Below –
You don’t know

Long way down
You can try not to fall
But you’re losing your ground
you know –
It’s a life you chose

Now with my feet on solid ground
i found the reason
that i’m living for
that i’m living for

Don’t they say
That you gotta get out
And start seizing the day
 you know – 
Time to go
Deep inside
Take a look at the person
The one you can’t hide
You know – 
It’s the way that you grow
It’s the life you chose

Now with my feet on solid ground
I found the reason
That i’m living for
That i’m living for

So now 
You’re no longer looking down
You have a reason
To believe once more
It’s worth living for

You have a reason
To believe once more

It’s Worth Living For

I’m always looking for it. Searching in old books, music, films, art, nature hoping I’ll experience an epiphany. 
That fabled moment where the lights come on and I finally discover the reason I was put on this earth.
 What if I looked inside? How would I feel? What would I find? Most of our lives, we’re led to believe that
 we need something outside ourselves. We have to buy something. Have someone. The truth is, the answer is inside. You can find it. If you’re brave enough to look. Let’s look together and see what we find. Is it worth living for? 

I think I know what mine is.
Worlds Unknown

What is life without positive and negative, the happy and the sad?  It’s a boring, unfulfilled existence.  A cause to sit on the porch when you reach the winter twilight of your life and regret the things you’ve never done. The negative, though painful at the time, makes the positive that much the sweeter. When you hear the call to Worlds Unknown, don’t ignore it.  Listen to it. You may be thankful that you did.